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Licenses to Practice

The attorneys at Aspelin & Bridgman L.L.P. are only admitted to practice in the states for which they are currently licensed. (See firm description) For legal problems arising in other states and in foreign countries it is usually necessary to associate local counsel, licensed in those states or countries.


There are fifty State in the United States of America. Aspelin & Bridgman, L.L.P. has been helping domestic and foreign clients recover for injuries caused by another person for over ten years. Our extensive net working of attorneys gives our clients access to representation in most States of the United States.
When a person is injured through the fault of another, several important events must take place in order for the injured person to protect his or her rights. The injured person must seek medical attention immediate. The longer the injury person waits to see a doctor, the weaker his case against the wrong doer becomes. It is best to see a medical doctor as soon as possible, hopefully on the day of the accident. The injured person must not fail to tell the doctor that the reason he needs medical attention is because of the accident. Give the date, time and location of the accident to the doctor and describe what happened.

After seeking medical attention, contact an attorney. The attorney needs to tell the injured person how much time is allowed by the law to sue the person who caused the injury. Some case may be settled with out going to court. However, most cases are first filed in the proper court and later settled or tried. Very little information is available to the client and his attorney before the case is filed in court. Most cases take from one to two years to prosecute. A process of discovering information takes place in which the injured person must produce medical records and bills which demonstrate that he was injured. Records of the time that that person was off work and the salary that he earned at the time of the accident must be produced. The injured person may need to employ the services of one or more expert witnesses to testify to the injured persons medical problems that are the result of the accident, his past and future wage loss and the way that the accident happened.

The injured person or the person who is blamed for an accident should seeks the services of an experienced attorney who has tried cases to a jury and can plan the use of experts and other witnesses. Law suits have numerous rules which a lay person will have difficulty discovering. For example, in California, an demand for notification that an injured person will use an expert witness must be answered in a particular format and by a particular time or the injured person will loose the right to call an expert witness on his behalf.

Aspelin & Bridgman, L.L.P.
would be pleased to provide a half hour consultation at no cost to discuss such litigation problems. We represent injured persons, those that are being sued and insurance companies seeking to be reimbursed for payment that they have had to make on behalf of an injured party. We represent European, South American and other foreign individuals or companies, as well as domestic clients. You may contact us by phone, fax or e-mail to arrange a consultation.
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