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Establishment of Attorney Client Relationship
The transmission of information via this web site, or from the law firm of Aspelin & Bridgman, L.L.P. or any of its attorneys, partners, employees or interns is not intended to create and does not create an attorney-client relationship between Aspelin & Bridgman, L.L.P. or its attorneys and you. An attorney client relationship can only be established by a signed fee agreement.
Aspelin & Bridgman, L.L.P. are not providing legal advice or legal services in this web site. The information is intended as general information. We make no representation, warranty or claim as to the applicability of any information contained in this web site to the viewer. Viewers of this web site are advised to consult an attorney regarding their legal problems.

Licenses to Practice

The attorneys at Aspelin & Bridgman L.L.P. are only admitted to practice in the states for which they are currently licensed. (See firm description) For legal problems arising in other states and in foreign countries it is usually necessary to associate local counsel, licensed in those states or countries.

Aspelin & Bridgman, L.L.P. provides its international clients with a variety of business services. One of the Partners travels to Europe at least three time a year and are always available via phone, fax or e-mail. The working languages of the law firm are German, Spanish, French and English.

A company can do business in most States of the United States as a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation. Selecting the right business form to use, as well as the location and place of doing business should be tailored to the individual client. The choice of establishing a corporation must carefully balance the protection against liability and the costs and effort to maintain the corporation. For example, California requires the payment of an annual fee for corporations doing business within the State and that the corporation must have an annual meeting. Other corporate requirements must also be met. Other States have other requirements.
We are able to help foreign clients establish their businesses through our net work of attorneys in other States. Likewise we are able to help our United States clients establish their businesses abroad through our net work of attorneys in other countries.

Attorneys are continually amazed at the number of businesses that make international agreements based on a hand shake or a minimum of paperwork. Often these arrangements work. However, when the arrangement does not work, it will cost the businessman a great deal of money and time. The drafting of an international contract is a complex matter and must be industry specific. Every aspect of the agreement must be put in writing. For example if books and manuals are part of the agreement, some provision should be made for translations and who approves and pays for translations. Terms for the law governing the contract and termination should also be included. Specific clauses concerning enforcement of the contract and the obligations of each of the parties are essential.

The object of a well drafted contract is to avoid the expense and time of litigation. The business deal should go smoothly and if there are problems, the contract should address what the remedies are. Even with the best contracts there is no guarantee that the Parties will not wind up in litigation. Litigation can be very expensive and very time consuming. In most State of the United States, litigation will take from two the three years to complete. It will involve the extensive production of documents and witnesses. Depositions may need to be taken domestically and abroad. If the case goes to trial , two or more week of attendance in Court before a judge or jury will be required.
Aspelin & Bridgman L.L.P. has extensive experience in representation of business clients in international business relationships. We would be happy to consult with your company concerning your business plans and problems. A half hour consultation at no charge can be arranged by calling our offices or by contacting us by e-mail or fax.
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