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ASPELIN & BRIDGMAN,L.L.P. thanks the interns who have most recently completed their internships with us.
Julia Blaschke, Germany
Hans Theile, Germany
All international interns are invited to attend the Tuesday afternoon lectures at 5:00 pm. For more information contact the office

One thing goes for all accommodations: it's pretty hard to find an apartment or a room in San Francisco. For that it's highly recommended, to reserve an accommodation before you arrive. Basically, living in San Francisco is very expensive, the monthly rents raise from $500 (stroke of luck) up to $700 ( this is the norm ).
Flat-sharing is another possibility. Such rooms are even cheaper($400) and often nicer. But you have to consider, that there are about 50 applications for one room !
The best way to gain an accommodation is to contact the previous intern in the law office of Aspelin & Bridgman. It's often possible to adopt the apartment of this intern. Therefore ring up in the law office about two month before you start your internship.
Good luck !
Residence Clubs
- San Francisco Residence Club, 851 California Street
San Francisco, Ca. 94108, Tel.: (415) 421 2220
- Monroe Residence Club, 1870 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, Ca. 94102, Tel.: (415) 474 6200
- Baker Acres Residence Club, 2201 Baker Street
San Francisco, Ca. 94115, Tel.: (415) 921 3088
- Ansonia Hotel & Residence Club, 711 Post Street
San Francsico. Ca. 94109, Tel.: (415) 673 2670
- Biltmore Residence Hotel, 735 Taylor Street
San Francisco, Ca.94108, Tel.: (415) 775 0630
- Marine View, 2820 Scott Street
San Francisco, CA. 94123 Tel.: (415) 346 3717
ca. $210-250 per week
- Harcourt Residence Club, 1105 Larkin Street,
San Francisco, CA. 94109 Tel.: (415) 673 7720
Breakfast and diner from $190 per week
(pretty shabby)
- Post Street Apartments
big apartment house in the city center. Most of the interns are living there. It's necessary to make an early reservation from Europe. Reservations up to the manager himself are hard to place. He's nearly inaccessible and basically he doesn't answer any letters. But don't give up, try to reach him by phone. The other possibility is to ask an actual intern to place your reservation. For that, call the law office.
640 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
Brian Trouette (Manager)
Phone: 001 (415) 474-2291
Fax: 001 (415) 928-6919
Single (studio): $700-750, kitchen (no stuff inside !!!), bathroom, futon
1-Bedroom: $850-950, kitchen (no stuff !!!), bathroom, bedroom with queen-size bed, living room with futon (also suitable for two peoples)
The location is downtown, two blocks from Union Square.
- Mr. Maldo (Manager), Ap. 101
520 Geary Street
San Francisco, Ca. 94102
a little cheaper than the apartements in Post Street (ca. $550 - $650) as well two blocks from the Union Square
- Empire Court Apartments
1091 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA.94109
starts with $700
- Geary Courtyard
639 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Tel. 415-749-0101
Fax. 415-749-0617
(little more expensive, but for that a shorter stay is possible)
Private rooms
- Barbara Bode
39 Dearborn Street, San Francisco, Ca. 94110
Tel. (415) 629 9631
furnished room by using kitchen and bathroom, about $400, 10 min. with BART
- Claudia O'Callaghan
in Glen Park, about 25 min. per BART to the office and downtown, furnished room with private bathroom and kitchensharing, about $490
Tel: (415) 564 2026 (office)
(415) 584 7504
- Stephanie Willett-Shaw
311 2nd Avenue, San Francisco CA 94118-2413
Tel.: (415) 751-1307
Inner Richmond District, about 20 min. per bus to the law office / downtown
Furnished room with shared kitchen and separate bathroom, for non-smokers; $550
You can find more addresses in the San Francisco Lodging Guide, available at San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau
P.O. Box 429 097, San Francisco, CA.94142-9097
latest update: January 1996
More possibilities are offered by the
- American Property's Exchange, 2800 Van Ness Av. (Ecke Lombard Street)
Tel.: (415) 863-8484
they find apartments and houses (if some people unite) and are specialized on short time rental

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